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Dental Implants Specialist

John S.K. Hsu D.D.S. and Virginia J. Chin D.D.S., P.C.

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Dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement option, which is why so many people choose implants over dentures or bridgework. At John S.K. Hsu D.D.S. and Virginia J. Chin D.D.S., P.C., a team of professionals helps men and women achieve the smile of their dreams using dental implants. To learn more, schedule an appointment at the Fairfax, Virginia office at your earliest convenience by calling or using the online scheduling tool.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are crowns that sit on a base and are implanted directly into your jaw bone. They are a permanent tooth replacement option and, once installed, they look and act like natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or several. Some people even choose to get a full set of dental implants instead of dentures.

Your jaw bone anchors your teeth, and when you eat, your teeth place pressure on that bone tissue, stimulating it and keeping it healthy. When you lose one or more teeth, that stimulation stops.

Your bone tissue begins to wear away, a process known as bone resorption. That can lead to the loss of even more teeth and a “caved-in” facial appearance.

What is the process for getting dental implants?

It's essential to understand that dental implants are not an instant fix. The process takes several months, depending on how quickly your gums and bone tissue heal.

The first step is a procedure to place the implant into your jaw bone. That requires creating an opening in your gum tissue and drilling a pilot hole into the bone before positioning the implant.

Next, your gums need to heal for several months while your bone tissue grows around the implant. You can wear temporary crowns until the healing process is complete.

Then, Dr. Hsu places a small piece called an abutment onto the implant and impressions are made to send to the dental lab. Technicians craft your custom crown, and once they finish, you return to have it placed.

Dr. Hsu ensures a proper fit and attaches the crown onto the abutment. Within a short period, your new implant will feel just like your natural teeth.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

For most people, dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option. However, there are circumstances in which implants are not the best treatment path.   

Here are some conditions that can prevent you from getting dental implants:

  • Diseases that create immune system deficiencies
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Significant bone loss in your jaw

In some cases, bone grafts can help build up sufficient bone tissue to place implants.

To explore whether dental implants are a good fit for your needs, schedule a consultation at John S.K. Hsu D.D.S. and Virginia J. Chin D.D.S., P.C.